How It Works

DataWolff is a general data analysis program that runs within Microsoft Excel and is tailored to your needs with a data analysis script. Once an analysis script is configured, large sets of data files are easily processed.

The output is contained in one or more Excel workbooks that contain the data, calculation and charts that enable you to make timely decisions from your data.

Advantages of Using DataWolff Include:

Analyze More Data - The benefits gained from automated data processing are much greater than the labor savings alone. With automated processing it is possible to analyze more of your data and gain the benefits from the information in your data that you may not be currently realizing.

Simplify Complicated Analyses – In many cases, complex statistical analyses require engineers and scientists to spend a great deal of time with manual spreadsheet operations. DataWolff eliminates these operations and enables your workforce to analyze and gather information from more of your data.

Eliminate Data Processing Errors – Manual data processing is not only time consuming, but commonly leads to errors. Automating analyses eliminates these errors.

Contact us for an evaluation version of DataWolff. Let us know your industry and we’ll provide some sample analysis scripts.

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