DataWolff – Software That Streamlines Data Analysis

Maximize the Value of Your Data

The quantity of online process and test data for all industries has increased exponentially in the past decade. Typically a significant amount of data remains unused because performing the analyses to convert the data into useful information requires too much time.

DataWolff streamlines and fully automates large or repetitive analyses to enable you to maximize the value of the information contained in your data. This provides insight that may otherwise be lost, maximizes productivity, and increases your profit.

DataWolff, an Excel add-in, is a general purpose data analysis engine that is configured for a specific application with an analysis script. The analysis script configures DataWolff to import data, perform calculations, and create charts. Once a script is configured large sets of data files are easily processed. Whether you have simple, repetitive data processing tasks, or one of a kind, complex analyses, DataWolff will save you time.

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